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In 2015, Scanfisk Seafood considered the need to make a product keeping the same quality but with a process of production as natural as possible. The company set out to achieve this goal processes that, without affecting the final quality of the fish, will increase its average life.

Currently only frozen fish can reach distant populations for us. But by increasing its shelf life we ​​get a distribution of this healthy food to an increasingly larger population with better organoleptic conditions.

In this way we indirectly contribute to reducing the pressure on fisheries and their current overexploitation as we avoid the losses in the points of sale by increasing the useful life available to the final consumer.


ULTRAFISH, Eco-innovative processing technology for better quality and shelf life of fish products, its main objective is to integrate in our process a form of fish processing (thawed and rehydrated), based on the use of ultrasound and ultraviolet.

Ultrasonic technology (us) has never been used before in the fish industry, and its inclusion optimizes water consumption in all phases of the manufacturing process. In addition, by significantly reducing the times of these phases, this technology also has a positive impact on energy consumption.

The ultrasounds are accompanied by the inclusion of ultraviolet lights (uv). The combination of both technologies reduces by 50% the total water footprint of fish processing (both in the use of water – 9.4ml / year and in the reuse of water from the process – 6.4ml / year).

After the total implementation of the ULTRAFISH project in Scanfisk, an average increase of 5 days in the useful life of the product will be achieved, eliminating in our future processes any use of chemical additives used in the industry.


  • The main differences compared to the industrial processes currently used are:Increase and reduction of production times, water savings, sales cycle, reduction of CO2 emissions, elimination of chemical additives and product quality are the fundamental reasons that Scanfisk has inspired in the development of this technology.
  • The benefits of ULTRAFISH generate a strong and immediate impact for the fish industry.
  • Increase of our productive capacity in more than 35%: the processes in the elaboration of fish are reduced in 3-4 days of average, what produces that the fish is processed and commercializes with more rapidity.
  • Decreased water footprint: the water needed in the processing is reused up to 3-4 times with a direct impact of at least – 6.5ml / year, which places Scanfisk as a model industry in the use of this natural resource so scarce.
  • Longest sales cycle in the market: the average increase of five days of useful life of the processed fish allows the product to be more time available to the consumer so that the opportunities to enjoy the fish in optimum conditions grow significantly. In this way, much less fish is removed from the distribution chains to reach their useful life. In addition, with the processed fish, it can be reached, from Spain, to points on the planet inaccessible so far with the old production models. In this way, population groups are allowed to access the thawed quality fish every day”.
  • Decrease in costs: ultrasound technology will allow us to reduce the energy used in the industrial process by 30% and water by 50%. We eliminate the use of chemical additives throughout the value chain.
  • Developments of natural products: due to the withdrawal of chemical additives in the production of frozen fish and in value-added products, Scanfisk will develop, market, and market sustainable products.


Scanfisk, in collaboration with the University of Zaragoza, promotes this project, subsidized by the European Union.

  • Universidad Zaragoza
  • Proyecto Horizon 2020

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