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1994 Foundation of the company. Work began in a small office of 36 m ^ 2.

1995 The first import of fish by plane from the company, from South Africa, took place. Today, fresh and live fish is imported from 8 countries.

1996 We moved to a small ship of 400 square meters, where our first steps in fish processing began. We had thawed halibut and cod fillet. We made a lot of packing, we received the Irish fish in buckets and what we did was sort it by size, weigh it and put it in cork boxes.

2006 We started our exports to Italy of halibut fillet.

2007 Finished the construction of the current Scanfisk plant. Here we start something new for us like thawing fish and filleting it ourselves by mechanical means.

2007 We were the first fish companies in Spain to certify us in ISO 9000.

2009 Finalist for the 2009 Pilot Award for Logistics Excellence.

2010 We begin our stage of manufacturing packaging in trays in modified atmosphere. This year the IFS certificate was also obtained.

2011 It began with the packaging machine in skin.

2011-2013 Participation in the NEM project. This project consisted in the development of active packages for fish packed in a protective atmosphere.

2015 In November 2015 Scanfisk passed the audit that allowed the export of fish to China.

2016 In April of this year, Scanfisk obtained the MSC and ASC certificates.

2017 Our fish production was consolidated on a tray for retailers in Spain with our first sale to LIDL.

2017 Concession of the Ultrafish Horizon 2020 project. The company is currently immersed in this project, seeking a more sustainable production process, as well as a higher quality product by eliminating the use of additives.