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Scanfisk has signed an agreement with the Vigo company, Atunlo, for the exclusive marketing of its products in Spain, Portugal and some European countries.

Scanfisk is especially strong in fresco, a line for which, as already mentioned, it maintains an alliance with Mowi. Now he wants to develop and become strong in frozen, a division that Imanol Almudí has ​​managed, until the end of 2019, Iberconsa’s general director. Almudí has ​​joined Scanfisk as a director and future shareholder and the first major agreement in frozen is precisely the one reached with Atunlo.

This agreement and other future agreements will also allow the commercialization of other Scanfisk products such as those belonging to the Ultrafish project. It is a very beneficial partnership for both companies.


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Coming from the Northeast Atlantic, from origins like Greenland, Denmark and Russia. Scanfisk markets it in fillets of different sizes.

It is a totally natural product, which has the MSC certificate of sustainable fishing. No type of additive is used for its treatment.

During its production process, the additives are replaced by an ultrasound technology that allows to reduce its microbial load so that its useful life is being lengthened. In addition to getting a higher quality product. This technology enables water and energy savings compared to other treatment processes, making it a more “eco-friendly” product.

This cod has obtained the “Flavor of the Year” award in 2020. This award shows that it is a quality product and is an acknowledgment from professionals that gives confidence to other chefs.

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Good taste Ultrafish

The taste of fish as food is almost one of the best kept secrets and not much information can be found about it. In general, meat captures its flavor from what the animal eats. There we have the select taste of Acorn Ham when the pig does not eat anything other than acorn.

Let’s say, in addition, that the fat of land animals is not distributed in the same way as in fish, and of course, the sea environment has its own typical flavors and smells like that of salt, which undoubtedly gives a special flavor to fish and other seafood. In fish, as we say, fat is distributed throughout the body and is what defines the taste according to the species.

Thus, Salmon has its particular taste, the fruit of a lifetime in cold water and continued exercise, well known. The same happens to Cod, Hake, and other species, which, according to the shape of their bodies, distribute fat and muscle mass.

At Scanfisk we carry out organoleptic tests throughout the production process, and we also train our workers to “taste” fish meat as professionals, and can discern the quality of taste and flavor that we are looking for.

The same naturally occurs in the Ultrafish project.

We could never say that Ultrafish is an optimal process for thawing and treating fish if we do not carry out organoleptic tests, taste, taste, color and odor tastings, in measured and contrasted health conditions for people.

In coordination with the University of Zaragoza, we have developed countless tastings that certify that Ultrafish fish have good taste, smell, taste, and color after treatment.

The photo that we accompany in this post is a dish made with Baked Ultrafish Cod, and we attest that it was very tasty. Nothing warns that it is Ultrafish fish, and without a doubt that is good news.

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On Thursday, February 20, 2020, “Sabor del Año Restauración 2020” awards ceremony took place at the Ainia technology center, in Paterna, Valencia, where Scanfisk was awarded for its Ultrafish Cod.

The Ultrafish Cod was awarded with “Sabor del Año Restauración 2020” award. This award grants a recognition of quality by the Restoration sector that is based on the evaluation of the flavor of the products, which are tested and valued by professional chefs through of actual conditions of use.

The chefs evaluate the products from 1 to 10 according to different criteria such as: flavor, interest, practicality and general satisfaction. Only those products that obtain a score higher than 6 are those that qualify for this recognition. The winner is the one who gets the highest grade in its category.

Nacho Mañero, from the Marketing and Communication department of Scanfisk, commented on the importance of these awards: “We are very happy that this specific product has been awarded, since in some way it is shown that a totally natural product can have a flavor of 10 ”.

On the other hand, he commented that the hotel and restaurant owners can have complete peace of mind regarding the traceability of these products: “We have offices in different origins, which allows us to have control and monitoring of the product and therefore we can guarantee a high quality product ”


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Ultrasound: Real applications

In the previous post we talked a little about ultrasound, how it arises and why Scanfisk has taken them into account in its production process. Now we will comment in a general way on some of the varied applications of ultrasound as a physical phenomenon.

In order for the ultrasound process to be carried out as an applicable technology, there must be a source that emits sound waves, an obstacle that produces an echo or rebound, and a receiver that registers the sound back.

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Beginnings of Ultrasound in Fish

Ultrasound as a technique was discovered by the Italian biologist Lazzaro Spallanzani in the 18th century when he was investigating how bats flew in the night without crashing into obstacles, in total darkness many times, as in the depths of a cave.

As a curiosity, he caught several and blinded them. Later he returned to catch the same specimens and found that they had fed without problems in that period of time. He repeated the experiment, this time plugging the ears of the bats. He checked then that they did not fly well, they got confused, they were erratic and they hit things.

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Scanfisk, Innovation Award, words by Pilar Alegría, Government of Aragón

Scanfisk wins award for Innovation and Pilar Alegría, member of the Government of Aragon, dedicates some heartfelt and emotional words for success and good work.
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Scanfisk imports… and Exports, from Spanish fish markets

Scanfisk exports and imports fish from Spanish markets. The interest in the local and the quality of the Spanish fish, and the sustainable means of fishing, are the norm in Sacanfisk. For this reason, among others, he is developing the Ultrafish Project.

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Scanfisk presents Ultrafish at Conxemar 2018

Scanfisk presents Ultrafish at the CONXEMAR FAIR between 2, 3 and 4 October 2018, Vigo – Spain. In this video summary you can learn a little more about the ins and outs of the project.

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Ultrafish Process in the Industry

The Ultrafish process already in the industry. Little by little but with a firm step, developing and perfecting the fish treatment process with ultrasound.

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